I remember meeting so many new people at this show

and seeing so many old friends.  This may have been

the largest show Spastic Cracker ever played at the Loft.

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Polaroid photos taken by Tricia of Tonie & Universal Order of Armageddon, within, and Mike A. from within and Melissa. The photo of Tonie was taken a few minutes before he smashed his guitar. I kept a piece of wood from that for a long time…just to remind me of the intensity of that night. Like I could really forget. I’ve since lost it.

ImageAfter riding around all day in the UOA van and seeing Fugazi play at the foot of the Washington monument, I wound up at this amazing show at a church hall in DC. Thanks to Lisa for my copy of the flier. – Tim Kabara

ImageI had the privilege of seeing UOA many times over the course of their initial run, but this was the one chance I had to see Antioch Arrow. A mind-blowing performance.- Tim Kabara PS Sorry my flier files are so huge.

Image A flier from my collection. More to come from this (celebrated) summer.- Tim Kabara